What is the Central Credit Register ?

The Central Credit Register is an information system managed by the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino, which gathers the information concerning the indebtedness of the customers transmitted by the banks, financial companies and mutual investment funds whose assets are composed mostly of credits.

The Central Credit Register collects and shares with the participating intermediaries the personal information and amount-related data on loans granted with reporting threshold equal to or greater than € 10,000, any state of insolvency of the debtors for any amount (so called Bad Loans), the guarantees received and further detailed information related to the loans.

Who can apply for access to the data

As regards the data of natural persons:

  • the natural persons on whose name the information is registered, or their guardian, curator, or heir (including the person entitled to inheritance).

As regards the data of persons other than natural persons:

  • the Legal Representative;
  • the bankruptcy receiver or other bankruptcy proceeding official entrusted with the representation of the company;
  • the person with "general power of attorney" or "special power of attorney" and the legal defence counsel with "power of attorney to appear in court";
  • statutory auditors or external auditors;
  • partners with unlimited liability who may know the company's information as regards the period in which they were partners and the one prior to their entry into the partnership.

How to apply for access to the data

The application form can be downloaded from this page and the interested party must:

  • fill out the form and sign it;
  • attach to the form a legible photocopy of an identity document of the applicant.

The request may be sent by tNotice electronic registered email to domicilio.digitale@bcsm.sm or by Certified Electronic Mail (P.E.C.) to segreteria.bcsm@legalmail.it or delivered in person or through a delegate, by appointment, or by registered mail to "Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino, Via del Voltone 120, 47890 San Marino".

The Central Bank either sends the data by registered mail, tNotice electronic registered email, Certified Electronic Mail (P.E.C.) or the data can be collected at the counter, by appointment, by the applicant or by a delegate.

In the case in which the aforementioned application forms are delivered at the counter by a person other than the applicant or in the case they are sent by registered mail, the signature on such forms must be certified by a Notary enrolled in the Professional Register of Lawyers and Notaries of the Republic of San Marino; if the signature is certified by a Notary not registered in the San Marino Register, the certification of signature must be legalized or equipped with "Apostille" (for the States that have adhered to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961).

If any documents issued by the Sammarinese or Italian authorities are attached, original or certified copies are allowed. If documents issued by other foreign authorities are attached, please note that the following are considered valid: the certificates or legalized certificates issued by the competent authority of the foreign State, in Italian, or accompanied by translation into Italian, certified before a competent foreign authority and legalized.

The certifications are valid for six months since the date of issue.

Other useful information

The personal data of the Central Credit Register shall be confidential. Participating intermediaries shall observe the confidentiality obligation towards any person external to risk management.

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 50 of Law no. 165/2005 (LISF) the acquisition of data by the Central Bank is by way of derogation from the provisions of Law no. 70 of May 23, 1995.

Those responsible for the correctness of the reports sent to the Central Credit Register are the reporting intermediaries. The intermediaries must check the risk reports communicated to CBSM and amend on their own initiative the incorrect or incomplete reports referred to the current entry and to previous entries.

Any objections or requests for correction of the data gathered in the Central Credit Register must therefore be addressed to the above mentioned intermediaries, who are required to cancel and correct the erroneous entries as soon as possible.

Access the data of the Central Credit Register