Financial Soundness Indicators - FSIs

The Republic of San Marino contributes, with its own financial statistics, to the Financial Soundness Indicator (FSI) project of the International Monetary Fund; the data are available on the following website, together with those of the other 96 contributing countries, continuously growing in number.

The Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) are synthetic indicators relating to a financial systems' level of stability, which are used both in respect of macro-prudential analysis on the stability of such systems, and to provide transparent information for analysts.

The International Monetary Fund began developing FSIs at the end of the 90s, and they received a new impulse following the financial crisis of 2008, when the international community focused on the identification of valid tools to analyse financial systems' vulnerability, capable of predicting and preventing any further critical situations.

The experts of the Monetary Fund, in a specific Technical Mission held in San Marino in September 2012, identified 16 significant indicators for the financial system of San Marino, related the performance of the key technical profiles of the banks, such as capital adequacy, credit risks, liquidity and profitability.

The FSIs identified have been analysed by the Central Bank and this made it possible to develop historical series starting from 2008, thus contributing to the definition, with real data, of the main trends that affected the financial system of San Marino during the years.

The indicators for San Marino are updated on a quarterly basis, making new data and tools for the analysis of the financial system available to the operators.

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Financial soundness indicators for San Marino