End of The International Monetary Fund article iv mission in San Marino

September 28th 2023 marked the end of the annual mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under Article IV of the Statute, which establishes continuous monitoring of member countries’ economic performance.

The IMF delegation led by Mission Chief Borja Gracia engaged in meetings with the government, social partners, representatives from different economic sectors, and the Central Bank. Discussions with the latter specifically revolved around the dynamics shaping the country's financial sector.

The concluding statement of the mission, which summarises the evaluations contained in the final report, acknowledges the ongoing strengthening process within Marino’s financial system, specifically in the banking sector, and offers some recommendations.

The Central Bank will maintain its commitment to safeguarding the stability of the financial system and ensuring the safety of savings, while actively engaging financial entities and institutions. This approach will remain consistent with the system-wide strategy adopted so far and align with the Bank’s objectives of transparency and accountability

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