Issue of measures

The Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino informs that on 28 September 2017 it issued the following measures:

  • Regulation no. 2017-04 “Provisions for connection to Regulation no. 2016-02 and review of Circular no. 2015-02 ”, which will enter into force on 30 September 2017;
  • Circular no. 2017-03 “Circular on information requirements concerning corporate financial statements”, which will enter into force on 30 September 2017;
  • Regulation no. 2017-05 “Amending Regulation of Regulation no. 2016-01 on the Guarantee Fund for Depositors”, which will enter into force on 1 October 2017;
  • Regulation no. 2017-06 “Miscellany of measures aimed at reviewing the supervisory provisions currently in force”, which will enter into force on 30 September 2017;

Regulation no. 2017-04 gathers a number of changes to the supervisory regulations issued by the Central Bank, necessary to adjust to the new regulations on corporate financial statements of authorised entities (Reg.2016-02), as well as additional updates of CBSM Circular no. 2015-02 on the Central Credit Register and its launch.

Circular no. 2017-03 implements the provisions of the CBSM Regulation no. 2016-02 and introduces specific supervisory provisions on the structure and contents of the notes as an integral part of the documents of the financial statements.

Regulation no. 2017-05 aims at updating the current regulations on the Guarantee Fund for Depositors (CBSM Regulation no. 2016-01), albeit with the aim of aligning to the European Directive on this matter, based on:

  1. the application feedback gathered, also by the Fund Management Body, during the first year of the new Regulation, in which the first ordinary contribution was made to the Fund from the participating banks;
  2. the comments and requests received from the banks and their trade association.

Lastly, the Miscellany (Regulation no. 2017-06), like the previous measures with the same title, gathers targeted interventions for the revision of the existing supervisory provisions, different from one another but with the same urgency and specificity characteristics, predominantly dictated by the need to harmonise the respective disciplines contained in the various sectoral regulations, as well as of updating them in relation to the changed legislative framework and the operational requirements identified in the interpretation and application of the rules.

Date: 29/09/2017