International day for the elimination of violence against women: adoption of the charter for diversity management and collaboration with the equal opportunities authority

November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. On this occasion, the Central Bank wishes to commemorate the victims of all forms of violence, whether it is physical or psychological.

Gender-based violence against women is an expression of one person exerting dominance over another, through various forms of violence, including harassment, psychological manipulation, sexual abuse, physical assault, and exploitation. These acts can culminate in tragically familiar and dire outcomes.

Women’s silence around the violence is still all too common, due to fear, shame, societal expectations, and the lack of financial independence.

All forms of violence must be recognised, rejected, fought against, and reported. At the same time, recognition is due to those individuals who consistently exhibit respect for every human being as a fundamental principle in their conduct, setting an example for younger generations.

There is a pressing need to raise awareness and educate the upcoming generations on this issue, in order for mutual respect to become one of the essential building blocks for a society where each individual is consistently valued and appreciated.

In this regard, the Governing Council of the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino adopted the 'Charter for Diversity Management' on November 10th following a proposal from the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, an internal body of the Central Bank tasked with fostering equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion among all individuals collaborating with our institution.

By endorsing the aforementioned Charter, the Central Bank committed to recognizing equality, diversity, and inclusion as guiding principles in order for individuals to be better valued within the institution, fostering a more inclusive work culture and ultimately better serving the country and its citizens.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee has recently supported the Equal Opportunities Authority in the drafting of a legislative project that includes, among other measures, subsidized credit for victims of violence, as a way to address their lack of financial independence. The objectives of this legislative proposal are fully aligned with the Istanbul Convention doc 63929, subscribed by the Republic of San Marino in 2014.

We would like to remind that there is a helpline at 0549 994800 for victims of violence in San Marino. Support is also available via email at For immediate assistance, please reach out to the Emergency Medical Services or the Police.