Resignation of the Chairman Wafik Grais

Last Friday, 22 September 2017, I handed over to the Most Excellent Captains Regent my letter of resignation from the position of Chairman of the Central Bank.

At the base of my resignation there is my own different personal view about the path to be taken to protect the financial system of the Republic of San Marino and the Central Bank. In fact, recently adopted measures and actions could jeopardise the achievement of the goals set by the Great and General Council at the time of my assignment as subsequently confirmed.

That being said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Most Excellent Captains Regents for having recently renewed their trust in the undersigned.

I would also like to thank the colleagues of the Central Bank who work hard and under great pressure, doing their best to ensure that the Bank's activities and the financial system work in an orderly manner. They deserve respect and support.

Although there were, and still are, as anticipated, different views and opinions on the most appropriate actions to take, it is fair to thank the members of all political forces for their contributions, with the hope that they can overcome sometimes futile differences or differences not based on factual elements, cooperating in the highest interest of the country at this time of challenge.

Finally, I would like to thank the citizens of San Marino for the frequent demonstrations of affection and support, to me and my wife, with a kind word and a sincere smile.

It was a great honour for me to serve the Republic of San Marino and I wish to express my best wishes for peace and success for the country and for its citizens.

Wafik Grais

Date: 25/09/2017