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Circular no. 2017-01 Method of determining contributions to the Guarantee Fund for Depositors
Circular no. 2015-02

Information Requirements concerning the Central Credit Register

Circular no. 2015-01
(Repealed by Circular 2017-04)
(only in Italian)

Monthly information requirements to banks concerning the statement of accounts (monthly statement of accounts of banks)

Circular no. 2014-01 Protest information service
Circular no. 2013-01 Periodic information requirements of financial companies as regards prudential supervision
Circular no. 2012-03 Periodic information requirements of banks as regards prudential supervision
Circular no. 2012-02
(Repealed by Circular 2013-01)
Changes to the Circular no. 2011-01
Circular no. 2012-01 Regulations for the periodic recording of information about the use of payment instruments
Circular no. 2010-04 Sound and prudent management practices for fiduciary companies (update no. 1 to circ. 2010-02)
Circular no. 2010-03
(Repealed by Regulation 2020-01) (only in Italian)
Disclosure requirements in relation to fiduciary activities
Circular no. 2010-02 Sound and prudent management rules for fiduciary companies
Circular no. 2008-06
(Repealed by Regulation 2011-03 only with regard to structural supervision rules)
Transitional structural supervisory practices for new financial undertakings, fiduciary companies and investment companies
Circular no. 2008-05 Authorisation procedure pursuant to Article 64 of Law no. 165 of 17 November 2005
Circular no. 2008-03
(Repealed by Circular 2021-01)
(only in Italian)
Determination of time of entry for the enforceability of transfer orders in a payment system
Circular no. 2008-01 Requirements for fiduciary companies
Circular no. 2007-03 Requirements for fiduciary companies pursuant to article 17 of the companies law