Treasury Department

Headquarters: Palazzo SUMS (3rd floor) - via Giovan Battista N 3, San Marino
Opening hours to the public: 8:30a.m. - 1:00p.m. from Monday to Friday.
Tel. 0549 88.2479/ 88.2340 - Fax. 0549 88.2342


The Sole Treasury Service of the State was established in 1993 through Law N 35 of 3 March and is one of the principal Operative Services that the Central Bank provides to the Public Administration bodies and to the Enlarged Public Sector.

Operative since 1993, the Service is currently provided in favour of 8 Bodies:

  • the Most Excellent Chamber;
  • the Social Security Institute;
  • the Autonomous State Undertakings (A.A.S.S.,A.A.S.S.L.P.);
  • the National Olympic Committee of San Marino;
  • the University;
  • the state Board of the Games
  • the Authority for Civil Aviation and Maritime Navigation;
  • the Postal Board of San Marino.

The Treasury Service with which the Central Bank is entrusted is conducted by one of its specific organizations called “Treasury Department”. The Treasury Service deals with revenue collection and fulfilment of payments ordered by the various different Bodies, in accordance with the provisions that established the Service (Law N 35 of 3 March 1993), the laws and regulations governing the State’s Accounts (Law N 30 of 18 February 1998) and successive amendments and integrations) and the relative Convention for managing the Treasury Service drawn up between the Central Bank and the Public Administration.

State Treasury