Law and Decrees on the Tax Collection Service

Note: for the complete list and for the updated consolidated text please refer to the Italian version of the web-site.

Delegated Decree no. 131 of 7 August 2014

Collection of loans owed to the State and public entities for fees, tariffs and licence fees (only in Italian)

Law no.150 of 21 December 2012 (Art. 42)

Urgent measures to support the economic system and different tax provisions (only in Italian)
Law no. 31 of 28 March 2012 (Art.11) National and Public Entities Budget for the financial year 2013 (only in Italian)
Law no. 44 of 23 march 2007 Payment Orders for persons forming part of the Taxroll (only in Italian)
Law no.174 of 17 dicember 2004 Various provisions regulating tax collection (only in italian)
Law no.70 of 25 may 2004 Unified tax collection system (only in Italian) consolidated text (only in Italian)
Decree no.39 of 24 march Terms applicable to staggering payment by the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino to state debtors for State procedures (only in Italian)