List of CANCELLED employees

Surname and name Registration Number State
Amici Gian Luca D-041 CANCELLED
Andruccioli Fabio D-042 CANCELLED
Angeli Maria Grazia D-028 CANCELLED
Bollini Gian Matteo D-029 CANCELLED
Busignani Lucia D-009 CANCELLED
Carlini Denis D-001 CANCELLED
Casadei Fabio D-033 CANCELLED
Ceccoli Iriana D-027 CANCELLED

Cervesato Alessandro

Cesarini Emanuele D-047 CANCELLED
Cicchetti Cristian D-003 CANCELLED
Cicchetti Luca D-039 CANCELLED
De Angelis Franca D-030 CANCELLED

Ercolani Daniele

Ercolani Mark John D-011 CANCELLED
Gatti Marco D-012 CANCELLED
Giardi Emanuela D-.031 CANCELLED
Giovagnoli Lorena D-024 CANCELLED
Ghiotti Massimo D-040 CANCELLED
Guerra Nicola D-061 CANCELLED
Lonfernini Pietro D-059 CANCELLED
Mancini Massimo D-060 CANCELLED
Mini Maria Antonietta D-032 CANCELLED
Moretti Marco D-044 CANCELLED
Muccioli Alberto D-056 CANCELLED
Mularoni Manuel D-053 CANCELLED
Muscioni Maria Teresa D-005 CANCELLED
Palmieri Ivan D-007 CANCELLED
Petrella Sabrina D-062 CANCELLED
Podeschi Sara D-038 CANCELLED
Riccardi Silvio D-049 CANCELLED
Riccio Pietro D-005 CANCELLED
Righi Maria Caterina D-015 CANCELLED
Santini Matteo D-015 CANCELLED
Scola Luigi D-051 CANCELLED

Tabarrini Barbara

Tacconi Lucia D-026 CANCELLED
Tamagnini Luigi D-046 CANCELLED
Tentoni Riccardo D-025 CANCELLED
Vannucci Andrea D-044 CANCELLED
Vannucci Sonia D-017 CANCELLED
Zafferani Giorgia D-055 CANCELLED
Zafferani Mara D-023 CANCELLED