Trust register

All applications for the registration in, or cancellation from, the Trust Register as well as the applications for the release of the relevant certifications, must be presented to the Trust Register Office c/o the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino.

Via del Voltone, 120 -47890 San Marino

Telephone no.

  • switchboard: +378 0549-981010 (direct 8176);
  • Fax no. +378 0549-981019.


For the lodging of applications for the recording in the register (registrations and cancellations) and/or for the releasing of certifications, the aforementioned addresses should be contacted in advance in order to fix an appointment with the Head of Office.

For each application related to the Trust Register, the applicant entitled (notary, trustee or resident agent) must report at the Office in person, for the purpose of filling in and filing the specific application on the stamped form available at the Office.

The applicant shall present him/herself at the Office with:

  • revenue stamps of a value of Euro 10, in a number sufficient for the purposes of the filed application;
  • receipt evidencing the payment of the duty at the Register and Mortgage Office, if required, pursuant to art. 9 of the Law no. 38/2005;
  • valid identity document, if not already filed in the database of the Office.