Reproduction Regime

In compliance with the provisions of articles 6 and 19 of Law no. 101/2013, the copyright on the designs:

  • of the euro banknotes belongs to the ECB;
  • of the common face of the euro coins belongs to the European Union, represented by the European Commission;
  • of the national face of the euro coins of San Marino belongs to the Most Excellent Chamber.

The reproduction, in tangible or intangible form, of the images using whole or part of the banknote or part of its individual figurative elements (colour, dimensions, letters, symbols etc.) shall be deemed unlawful whenever it is capable of being mistaken for an authentic banknote by the public. This circumstance may be positively excluded only in those cases when the reproduction may be classified under at least one of the categories listed in the aforementioned article 6, to which reference should be made.
Likewise, also the full or partial reproduction of the designs of the common face of euro metal coins may be considered as lawful only in the cases peremptorily listed in the second paragraph of the aforementioned article 19, to which reference should be made.
For the purpose of protecting the copyright, as specified above, Law no. 101/2013 also provides that any reproduction that, although not capable of misleading the public, is in any case detrimental for the image of the euro, shall also be deemed unlawful.
In any event of unlawful or irregular reproduction of which the Central Bank becomes aware, the latter may order the relevant author to interrupt the production thereof and, where appropriate, any person holding such reproduction to hand it over, all the foregoing in cooperation with the ECB. The production, sale, import and distribution for sale purposes of medals and tokens similar to the euro coins are also to be regarded as forbidden, pursuant to and according to the detailed provisions of art. 20 of the aforementioned Law no. 101/2013. Also in these cases the Central Bank, in cooperation with the Anti-Counterfeiting Central Office, fulfils supervisory tasks.
However, it is possible to preliminarily submit any reproductions of banknotes to the Central Bank in order to request confirmation of whether such reproductions are capable of misleading the public or harming the image of the euro; the Central Bank shall, subject to prior consultation with the ECB, issue its opinion.
Likewise, other than in the cases allowed, the full or partial reproduction of the designs of the common face of euro coins is subject to the express authorisation from the Central Bank, which will release such authorisation only after the prior successful checks with the competent foreign technical authorities.
For additional information on the foregoing please contact the Central Bank or write directly to